THE MORE YOU KNOWHow to Choose the Right Wood for Your Custom Table

To fit a variety of styles and budgets, we offer choices when it comes to our custom furniture. Yet, when asked, many people aren’t aware of their options, let alone their differences. This guide explains How to Choose the Right Wood for your Custom Table or other custom piece of furniture.

Reclaimed Wood (AKA Barn Wood)

Reclaimed wood (or barn wood) is not a species of wood. Reclaimed wood describes that the wood has been aged for many years. This type of wood spent its previous life as a barn, outbuilding, flooring, fencing, or even a wine barrel. With many years of being out in the elements the wood inherited lots of character. Pine, oak, poplar, chestnut, and hickory are the most popular types of wood found in Barn wood. When you order a handcrafted kitchen table from us, you’re likely to take home a combination of all five!

How to choose reclaimed barn wood for your handmade table

How to choose reclaimed barn wood for your handmade table

Barn wood is desirable because of its rustic nature. The wood was often milled with hand saws and other hand tools. The hand milling gave the barn wood the saw marks and other textures that we love.

Reclaimed Barn wood Coffee Table with Salvaged Door Base. The barn wood has been planed and finished with stain and polyurethane to make it smooth.

Reclaimed barn wood coffee table with salvaged door base. The barn wood has been planed and finished with stain and polyurethane to make it smooth.


If Barn wood isn’t in your budget, or you’re looking for something a bit less rustic, our alternative is pine. Pine is always available and very flexible… and in our opinion is a great choice of wood for a sliding barn door. Pine is lightweight and light in color, meaning it can be finished any color that you chose. We are even able to treat it in a way that makes it resemble barn wood without the added cost.

Chose Pine for your handmade table.

Chose pine for your handmade table. Raw pine is smooth, flexible and can be stained any color.

How to chose wood for your handmade table in bend, oregon

Farmhouse style table made from pine with a dark stain

Hard Woods

Living in Central Oregon, we don’t get our hands on hard woods as often as we did back in Kentucky. But, hard woods such as maple, oak, cherry, birch, teak, Beech, Ash, and others are available upon request. Creating furniture with hard woods offers that modern and polished look.

Hard Wood table in Bend, Oregon. How to chose wood for your hand made table.

Custom walnut table top in our Airstream Argosy. The Flooring is made from reclaimed pallets.

If you have any further questions about wood selection, head over to this comprehensive guide on How to choose types of wood for woodworking, or if you’re ready to get started on your own custom piece, email us or give us a call at (513)808-5469.

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